is a framework for a collective exploration of the potential locked up in text at the digital age

The war of the words

With this slashrun, you can build your own newspaper columns, search for words, then launch a global missile attack between them: run it now (if you have Java installed, a web start application should launch...)

So... what is a slashrun anyway and why is it different from a regular chronotext experiment? The difference is the interface – a simple text-box – between the work and its public. Check the syntax below, edit the code if you like and press the run button...

From this point, you can come back to the text-box, make some changes and press run again to update the slashrun. And while it is running, pressing F12 or F13 will bring the editor, where one can edit the source further or get more information about eventual errors.

Each slashrun comes with some help, so check the syntax and examples pages and become a war of the words expert.

Finally, you can embed a slashrun within your own web-page, using the following html snippet:

<form action="" method="post">
<textarea wrap="off" name="source">
your code here...
<input type="submit" value="run" />

There are even more modes of execution (mashups for lunch?) So waste your spare time slashrunning!

about the words and the war

Now that the concept of slashrun have been introduced, let's get more specific about the war of the words... Basically, it can be considered as a multi-layered visualization engine specialized in the presentation of news-like content.

The first layer is the ability to fly-through a column-based layout made of text and photos. The second layer is the possibility to search for terms and to have them displayed as extruded blocks. The third and last layer is the option to run a competition betweeen words, as following:

  • • Some terms to be searched are defined. Each term is extruded up to a certain height, according to the number of characters it contains.
  • • Each them is associated with a group, corresponding to a unique color.
  • • Groups can attack the terms associated with another group. Each time a term is hit, it is loosing height by a certain amount.
  • • An attack will go on until all the terms of the targeted group are destroyed.

The war of the words is best experienced accompanied by apocalyptic music, e.g. Summoning Of The Muse by Dead Can Dance.

spotlight on 3d manipulation

It is possible to switch to a mode of 3d manipulation instead of the default fly through. Control will be as following:

  • • left mouse-button + dragging: camera orientation
  • • right mouse-button + dragging: camera zoom
  • • left mouse-button + dragging + SPACE: motion
  • • double-click: teleportation to the target point
  • • double-click + CTRL: teleportation and zoom-in

Liked the feeling? The graph will provide even more in term of 3d manipulation (full release coming soon...)

how it all started

At the end of 2007, a research took place on the practical applications of chronotext, and the topic of innovative ways to experience the news quickly emerged as the direction to focus on.

The outcome of this research is visible in the war of the words: news fly-through, search-term extrusion and 3d manipulation...

Later on, in summer 2008, the idea of a war between words came out... The development of the first slashrun (aka the graph) was paused, and it was decided that the war of the words would be published first. Missiles and explosions were implemented, markup capabilities as well, leading to the work in its present form.

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